Coachella Car Camping

In this post, I will be sharing my Coachella car camping experience – sparing no gritty detail.

Let me be the first to say that you are not getting the full Coachella experience unless you brave it out and camp. I know, I know – for all us princesses, the idea of portable toilets is enough to deter away from camping. However, hear me out when I say that it’s actually not that bad… Except at night/the end of the day. BUT THERE ARE FLUSHABLE TOILETS INSIDE THE FESTIVAL! Make the most of those, everyone who camped did.

CoachellaCarCamping 001

Coachella Car Camping

As I mentioned in my last post, the first night was the hardest due to the strong winds causing lots of noise. I recommend bringing earplugs if you camp, and in general especially if you find you’re a light sleeper when you travel. I have been doing this for years, and it has helped a lot.

The Coachella valley is notorious for its sandstorms, so expect the noise and the dust. Each day, we noticed a thin layer of dirt on our things. Bring a tarp if its a big deal to you. We kept our important possessions in the car and tent for this reason.

CoachellaCarCamping 002

As a group of 4 girls, one could say that we definitely took it up a notch when it came to our campsite. Aside from the essentials, such as the tent, canopy, sleeping bags, etc., we brought tapestries and circle chairs to achieve that bohemian feel. My favorite addition were these round towels we put on the ground outside our tent. They were perfect!

CoachellaCarCamping 003

The nights got progressively better from the first night and as we got acclimated to Coachella car camping.

By trial and error, we found that the free showers were way better than the “luxury” ones (in which you paid $10 a shower). It’s a good idea to invest in a headlamp for those night-time bathroom breaks. And you definitely need all the tapestries, towels, and tarps you can get for that coveted shade. It starts warming up as soon as the sun rises. Don’t underestimate that!

It also isn’t a bad idea to bring your own toilet paper and flushable wipes to the port-a-potties.

CoachellaCarCamping 004

What to bring:

  • Tent
  • Canopy
  • Stakes
  • Tapestries
  • Battery-powered lights (anything really)
  • Sleeping bags + pillows + blankets
  • Chairs
  • Table
  • Towels
  • Food + water + drinks (must be in cans)
  • Coolers + ice
  • Duct tape/zip ties/scissors
  • Flushable wipes + toilet paper
  • Headlamp and flashlights

CoachellaCarCamping 005

For those camping for Weekend 2, Happy Coachella! I’m still in post-Coachella car camping recovery mode.

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