Mother’s Day Mug Cake

MugCake 001

Just in time for Mother’s Day, I have a fun mug cake recipe (can you say TIE-DYE?!) to say “Mum, I appreciate you!” If there’s anything better than cake, it’s the mug cake. It’s a super simple way to eat your favorite desserts, and all you really need is a microwave to cook it.

You will need: a microwave-safe mug, vanilla cake mix, and food coloring. To make this extra special for Mom, I suggest that you add some fresh flowers (but fake flowers will do the trick as well!)

MugCake 002



Mix up cake batter according to the package instructions, then separate into three bowls. Dye each with a different shade of food coloring. As you can see, I went with pink, purple and orange.

MugCake 003

Spray the mug with cooking spray and add the batter in three different layers. Make sure your batter only fills the mug halfway or it will overflow in the microwave, and it won’t be pretty. Bake (or in this case – microwave) for just a minute and a half. Let it cool before you decorate.

MugCake 004 MugCake 005 MugCake 006

Coat the top with some frosting and add flowers. Cut the stems off, and use toothpicks to place the blooms into the mug cake!

MugCake 007

I’m obsessed with those bright colors!

MugCake 008

With the extra cake mix, my sister baked a tie-dye sheet cake, which we decorated accordingly.

MugCake 009

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms, Mums, and motherly figures out there! I hope you know how appreciated you are :)

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