My Best Dog Friend’s 15th Birthday

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A more personal post for the blog – my best dog friend’s 15th birthday! We’ve been blessed to have JC in our family for 15 beautiful years now, and he’s our little senior baby.

We got JC the fall of 2001 because we wanted a second dog after having JJ (RIP) for a year. I’m the one who gave JC his name, and I like to think it’s because I pitched in $20 for him. I was 7. Over the years he’s become my best friend, my best dog friend. There is honestly no better bond than the one between woman and dog.

Last Monday was his 15th birthday. We choose to celebrate his birthday every year, but we only just started getting him a cake. He’s a spoiled dog, don’t get me wrong. But once your dog’s in their teens, you just want to celebrate him even more. Don’t ever doubt people’s love for their pets.

His birthday cake is from Paw Pleasers bakery here in San Diego. They specialize in grain-free birthday cakes, and JC loves it so much. He gets a few pieces of cake every day after his dinner, and still has less than half a week later!

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