You, Me, Matcha | Holy Matcha

Holy Matcha – the most aesthetically pleasing café in North Park and an Instagrammer/blogger’s dream. It’s about time that the San Diego area got on the Matcha trend, and I’m so happy that there’s now a local spot dedicated to it. And in one of my favorite neighborhoods, nonetheless!

holy matcha 001

holy matcha 002

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Before we get into the actual drinks and food, can we first take a moment to talk about this ombré rose wall?!?! It is such a beauty! At Holy Matcha’s grand opening (which was about a month from the time I’m writing this blogpost), they had another rose wall that I was just dying to see for myself. I wasn’t able to make it during their first weeks in business, and as the wall is made of fresh roses, it wasn’t able to either.

But it somehow worked out that it’d make another appearance for Easter, and during the week I had plans to visit for work play. You can best believe that we had to take many photos of/with the rose wall!

Holy Matcha

Now back to the Matcha! My friend, Lauren, and I each ordered a donut and drink. Lauren got the Matcha lemonade and Strawberry donut, while I went with the hot Matcha latte and Matcha donut. The lemonade was alright, but the latte was amazing. Order it with two teaspoons of agave!

holy matcha 004

holy matcha 005

So I’m a Matcha fan, but it’s definitely an acquired taste. If you were to visit Yelp for this place, you’d see a lot of mixed reviews. Matcha can be quite bitter, but with the right amount of sweetness, it’s wonderful.

What I think the greatest thing about this place is that Holy Matcha is 100% vegan-friendly. The milk used in the lattes is Califia Farms almond milk (with soy milk as the alternative). The donuts are vegan, and gluten free – and were surprisingly good. Although, I do wish they were cheaper. Everything on the menu is quite pricey, but that’s a given for hipster cafés.

holy matcha 006

holy matcha 007

holy matcha 008

Every inch of Holy Matcha is Instagrammable, which I can really appreciate. From the marble tables and velvet pink booths to the palm leaves wallpaper and gold accents, it’s the café of my dreams!

You, Me, Matcha

I definitely recommend just going for the aesthetics, but if you’re a fan of green tea, it’s a good place to get your Matcha on. Big shoutout to Geraldine, the owner, for opening up this café!

holy matcha 009

holy matcha 010

And did I mention how much I love this wall??

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