Palms Springs Photo Diary

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Palm Springs Photo Diary

I was going through my old photos, and realised I still have so much content from last year for this blog! So, without further ado, my blogpost catch up starts now with Palm Springs!

Having been to Coachella in 2016 and Joshua Tree earlier in 2017, I felt it was only right that I finally visit the true oasis in the Californian desert… Palm Springs. Only a 2 hour drive from San Diego, we headed to PS for a little getaway. My goal for that weekend was to see all the popular hotels, like the Saguaro, Ace Hotel, and Arrive Hotel. As well as the popular tourist stops, such as That Pink Door, Moorten Botanical Garden, and the Cabazon Dinosaurs! This little city is super trendy, so it’s no wonder that celebrities and us “normal people” alike flock to this desert oasis.

I want to return to Palm Springs many times again in the future, but perhaps not in the middle of summer. We went at the beginning of July! I seriously don’t know how my family lived in Las Vegas for 18 years. However, I will take the dry heat of the desert over humid heat ANY DAY. I honestly hate sweating when I’m literally doing nothing but sitting. It’s just not right.

My favorite part of PS is all the mid-century modern homes. The highlight was visiting That Pink Door – it has it’s very own Instagram and hashtag!!! It is the epitome of the style; and there is just such a charm to it.

Palm Springs, I will be back!