My Last Spring Break | Oahu, Hawaii

For my last-ever Spring Break in college, I got to spend the week in the island paradise of Hawaii. Composed of 8 islands, Hawaii is a world of its own, full of a special kind of Aloha that will always keep me coming back.

springbreak 001

Oahu could easily be my favorite Hawaiian island, however I have only been to 4 out of the 8, or 5 out of 9 if you include Hawaii’s honorary 9th island of Las Vegas. Which you should, as a lot of the locals do. Though in all honesty, each island has its own unique flair – as cliché as that may sound!

In my opinion and experience, it goes like this:

Big Island – relaxation (if you forget the whole active volcano)

Kauai – adventure

Maui – beaches

Oahu – diverse

Oahu is extremely diverse, in several different ways. Regarding the population, I think a huge part in this is due to the fact that the capital, Honolulu, is found here. It has a city-feel that none of the other islands possess. Then, you can also consider the different areas of Oahu: the hustle and bustle of Waikiki in the south, the peace and serenity of the west, the gorgeous scenery in the east, and the North Shore’s surf. I like them all, don’t make me choose a favorite!

springbreak 002

I have a couple of Hawaii-related posts for the blog, so please stay tuned and thank you for staying put! Spring Break is over, and I’m in the home stretch now. A little over a month away from graduation! To say I’m excited is an understatement.

Jasmin x