What’s in My Bag: Costa Rica

I dreamt the other night that I was going back to Europe; and for some reason, I had left the packing to the very last minute. I took it as my subconscious telling me not to procrastinate with my upcoming trip, so here I am with a new blogpost and new series called What’s in My Bag: Costa Rica edition.

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In one very short week, I will be headed to the beautiful country of Costa Rica. It will be my very first time in Central America, and I am incredibly excited to check off another destination on my Travel Bucket list. I have wanted to hit up Central and South America for quite some time now, and the fact that I get to kick it off with Costa Rica? I am the personification of the exclamation point. Seriously.

I want to say that I’m usually never this keen, but I’m actually quite keen on packing and just traveling in general. I will be in Costa Rica for a little over a week, so that to me translates as “pack light.” Plus, March and April are the last months of Costa Rica’s dry season, which means warmer temps. And warmer temps mean less clothing.

I should also mention that I usually travel with a backpack, as I prefer it. It really has taught me the value of smart travel and the importance of only carrying the essentials. I have been the proud owner of the Rick Steves’ Travel Backpack since my very first trip to Europe in 2008, and I honestly can’t imagine traveling any other way. Especially when you’re on the go for the majority of the trip.

Here’s what’s in my bag for my week in Costa Rica.

WIMBCostaRica 002

WIMBCostaRica 003

WIMBCostaRica 004

WIMBCostaRica 005

WIMBCostaRica 006

WIMBCostaRica 007

WIMBCostaRica 008

As you can see, I am packing fairly light. In terms of clothing, I am planning to bring: three bathing suits, four pairs of shoes, athletic apparel for all those adventure activities, several shorts and shirts, one pair of jeans, and underwear. For toiletries, I have travel sized bottles for shampoo, body wash, and lotion. Most of my toiletries will be travel-sized as I don’t plan on checking any luggage in. This includes the ever-important sunscreen stick and BUG SPRAY. Yes, I am aware of the Zika virus; and no, I am not planning on getting pregnant any time soon. But, I will purchase a bigger can in Costa Rica just because I got that sweet blood the bugs love. As far as makeup goes, I am keeping it extremely minimal as Costa Rica is half jungle, half beach. I don’t even wear much makeup as is, and I see no purpose for putting on a whole face of makeup in the jungle.

WIMBCostaRica 009

In addition to the travel backpack, I plan to bring my mini-backpack as a personal item. I have my travel wallet + passport, a GoBelt, a book, my phone + earphones + charger, earplugs, my reusable water bottle, our GoPro, and my glasses.

I’m sure over this upcoming week I will add and/or remove things, but this pretty much sums up what’s in my bag for Costa Rica. Of course, I have some GoPro accessories, a windbreaker, and a small purse I still have to include. But other than that, I will only stick to those four packing cubes. And it may not seem like it, but the travel backpack still has plenty of room for possible souvenirs. Rick Steves, you did well!

Packing has gotten me even more excited for this Costa Rica trip!

If you’ve been to Costa Rica or have any packing tips to share, let me know in the comments! And stay tuned for more Costa Rica blogposts ;)

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